Can you work with our team on site for short and long periods of time?

Yes, we provide both on-site and off-site assistance for projects, according to your needs.  We maximise use of web-based communications to provide all deliverables agreed between us.


Do you have the expertise to meet our needs?

In the majority of situations the answer is yes, we can call upon Medicom’s associates to deliver the solution required, however if we believe we do not have the expertise or resources we will tell you and attempt to identify where such resources can be obtained. We have a broad network of industry, consultancy and regulatory agency contacts throughout Europe and the US, that can be called upon to meet your needs.


Do you provide mentoring?

Yes, we have provided mentoring on a one-2-one, and team basis, in a variety of activities. A mentor can bring an outside and fresh perspective to the issues and aid in the decision process. They also bring clarity and help you focus on the issues that matter to assist you reaching your potential.


What Languages do you work with?

English is the primary language for all business communication, however, some of our personnel are fluent in German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, and French which makes certain activities easier e.g. training.


Can you provide temporary cover?

Yes, we can provide on-site temporary cover where additional resource is required.  For example, in the preparation of regulatory submissions and responses to authorities; pre-audit preparation; holiday, sick cover and maternity leave.


Can you project manage, are you happy to work with other sub-contact project managers with input from our team?

Yes, we are excellent project managers, and have our own project management experts if needed, moreover we have proven success in working within project management teams.


Can you provide us with training specific to our company?

Yes, we are happy to discuss your needs and tailor appropriate training for all levels of personnel at your company.


How much notice do you need to start a project?

Good question, like all businesses our resources are not limitless, however we will be able to answer honestly within the first day or so of contact with us. If the matter is critical we can start within days providing we have sufficient resources., e.g. FDA Warning Letter responses.


How can we track the work as it is being completed?

As part of our proposal describing how we deliver the service, we set up a Medicom Project Manager and a Client Project Owner, the proposal contains the mechanism for routine reporting requirements and notification of any major problems, between these individuals. We have never had any complaints on timeliness of delivery.


Can you provide us with ad-hoc advice if we have urgent questions?

Yes, we do this on a regular basis for our existing clients, in many instances where this is not particularly time consuming for us, no fee is charged.


Will our information and problems remain confidential?

Yes, absolutely, we sign non-disclosure agreements/confidentiality agreements with all of our clients and consultants which protects all of our discussions and documents provided to us.